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THERMARIUM means service par excellence. We guarantee strict quality assurance from production to installation. We can do so because we use only the highest quality materials which guarantee a long-lasting spa with minimal maintenance. Reliability is guaranteed through our cleansing systems and regular maintenance. Profitable job training for your staff from our service technicians allows quick and reliable customer support. This in conjunction with our trained local service partners gives outstanding service. Our customer hotline is available for you at al times. Requests by e-mail at: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

General Maintenance and Care Instructions:

The facilities at the wellness and spa area do not only need a creative design in the planning phase, a perfect execution of the realization, but first of all a continuous and thorough cleaning of the materials and components, following every use of the facility.

Our customer service department has put together some of the most important points based on our long-standing experience. The consideration of the information will guarantee the guests even more pleasure with your wellness and spa equipment in the future. The stated advices and care instructions refer solely to materials and components delivered by Thermarium Baeder-Bau GmbH.

General cleaning of the cabins

  • Aroma scent systems
  • Ice machine
  • Compressors
  • Solenoid valves and pre-filters
  • Surfaces made of artificial leather covers
  • Float glass, insulation glass, and mirror glass surfaces
  • Acrylic surfaces
  • Marble cast surfaces made by "Thermarium" Bäder-Bau GmbH
  • Surfaces made of polished marble
  • Artificial rock surfaces made by "Thermarium" Bäder-Bau GmbH
  • Tadelakt surfaces
  • Finnish sauna and  Bio-sauna
  • Warm water whirlpools
  • Water beds
  • Surfaces such as Stainless Steel
  • Surfaces such as Granite
  • Steam generator with electrodes
  • Steam generator with heater coil
  • Corian surfaces


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