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snail shell showers

The Thermarium technicians have evaluated, together with hotel owners and managers, the requirements for space-saving showers. We have designed the snail shell experience shower using Thermarium's high quality standards. The advantage of using the Thermarium snail shower is that it is quick and easy to install and is in compliance with construction regulations.

The Thermarium snail shell shower offers many different shower experiences and customer-friendly special features:

  • Tropical rain element
  • Thunderstorm rain element
  • Mist spray nozzles
  • Side massage nozzles
  • Side shower
  • Drench shower
  • Over head shower with or without adjustable flow
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Pneumatic push-button control and stop valve
  • Colour exchange system
  • Fragranced scent diffusion system
  • Kneipp hose
  • Foot disinfection system
  • Soap dispenser
  • Shelves, like the soap basket
  • Adjustable cap on the ceiling 
  • Suction connection with poppet valve
  • Eyeglasses rack
  • Experience nameplate

Advantages are:

  • Insulated and 100% waterproof floor element with built-in floor drain (optional drain direction)
  • adjustable floor height element
  • within the shower wall insulated piping to prevent water condensation
  • shower surface prepared with primer inside and outside
  • ceiling element made of reinforced water-resistant fibreglass synthetic material and is available in diverse colours
  • ready made plates to attach soap dispensers, shelves, and an adjustable shower rail
  • connection ring ready for connection to the ceiling
  • necessary connections from the water manifold to the shower attraction
  • 5-hour shower installation, ready for next-day tiling
  • automatic off switch and locking system for the simultaneous use of water attractions when operated by pushbuttons; conservatively  low consumption of water
  • assembly of visible parts on an even wall surface planned for the wall thermostat

Available shower designs with their floor plans for your planning needs include:

Additional shower designs: