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heates loungers design

Relax on the heated loungers and enjoy the warm feeling of the gentle radiant heat. From the beginning of time every organism on the earth searches for radiant and solar heat. This is the reason why radiant heat of the heated loungers feels so good. Cramps and muscular tensions are released and rheumatic pain is calmed. Gentle radiant heat harmonized the whole organism.

Radiant heat has many positive effects:

  • Assists the blood-circulation without stressing the body
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Calming effect on the central nervous system
  • Stress relief and relaxation
  • Ideal rest between the thermal spa treatments

The Thermarium designers have developed, together with therapists, the "Design" heated loungers for the modern spa rest area. The loungers are covered with an elegant ceramic mosaic tile in natural stone or glass. The border strip of the tiling is made of high-quality cast marble. The emblem of the customer can be cut into the natural stone using a water-cutting technique. This can then be assembled and inserted into the mosaic design of the lounger. The joints adhesions are made of epoxy to allow the best hygienic standards. The lounger is heated through an electrical pipe system, which runs through the inside of the bench. The under side of the lounger is made of high-quality reinforced fibreglass synthetic shell which makes it very durable. The lounger may be heated from tubes filled with circulating hot water inside the bench.

Neck support
The neck support cushion provides a relaxing position for ones head upon laying on the tiled surface. Its elegant coordinated style complements that of the heated lounger and the design is ergonomic, robust, and easy to clean. The neck support cushion is covered with high-quality skai leather.

"Design" heated lounger floor plan is available for your planning needs.

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